I’ve lived in Pacifica for almost 10 years now but I had never really looked at Pacifica as a destination. It was always a place that was just there. Only in the past few years have I realized how beautiful this city is. The fog may obscure the view, but believe me, the view is fantastic.

Pacifica Sunset
Pacifica Pier
Dusk at Pacifica Pier
The old sign just adds to the charm
Rockaway Beach
Rockaway Beach
Surfers at Pacifica State Beach
My favorite tree at San Pedro Valley Park
San Pedro Valley Park
Devil’s Slide

Boo Fest 2022

Sunset Ridge had their Boo Fest last Saturday. Lots of scary, cute and fun costumes. More importantly, everyone had lots of fun. Families looking for pictures will get them in the coming week. Please keep an eye out for contact from Rebecca.